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Redefining CPA

With Tummarello & Associates, accounting doesn’t mean what you’re used to. Our dynamic accounting style brings exciting new attributes: Passion for your success, commitment to your business, and advocacy for your financial growth.

Tummarello & Associates empowers you to take responsibility for your business finances. Although this responsibility can be delegated to someone who will handle day-to-day accounting operations, our goal is to keep you involved. By ensuring that you examine your business’s financial health on a weekly or monthly basis, we instill understanding that directly translates to bottom-line improvements.

“Our first step is to get your accounting system working. You can’t make the right decisions if you’re operating in the dark. When your accounting is solid, you can realize your goals… Get to know your numbers, and you can really take your business to the next level.” – Rose

Unique Service Example:

Whether you want to increase your sales by 50%, gain 50 new clients, or become a million-dollar company, our approach is the same: Share your strategies with us. Our CPAs will then work with you to get your strategies up and running, monitor your successes, tell you if your strategy is not working, and discuss changes and intelligent solutions.

  • Weekly Flash Reports: Many business owners are juggling so many different responsibilities that
    financials fall by the wayside. Tummarello & Associates’ Weekly Flash Reports condense critical finan-
    cial information into a brief that you can read and understand in five minutes. The ultimate in efficiency,
    Flash Reports provide critical financial insight without taking valuable time from multitasking business
“We make sure we are in tune with the client’s passions and goals. We act as a third eye, able to talk to clients openly without  making them feel like they’re being criticized… We take the role of a partner.” – Rose