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Formula 1 for Business Success
by Rose Tummarello

Danica Patrick, a well-known woman in sports, clearly has the drive to succeed. Transcending herarly notoriety as simply a “woman NASCAR driver,” Patrick has taken her competitive spirit to the next level, becoming a force to reckon with in a male-dominated sport.

Perhaps most notable for her third-place finish in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, Patrick is an extraordinary example of a woman in sports who has leveraged ambition, goal-setting, and perseverance to achieve amazing success. Like so many other successful female athletes, Patrick has applied these same characteristics to achieve success in the business world as well.

Who hasn’t seen Danica Patrick’s face on a billboard, commercial, magazine advertisement, or TV show? She appears all over as an advertising spokesperson, actress and model. In 2009, the most-watched Super Bowl commercial starred Danica Patrick, again speaking to her remarkable power and influence in the world of business.

Step on the gas

Of course, you don’t need to be a professional athlete like Patrick to enjoy sports. Even if you are just a casual athlete, you can still transfer the principles of sports competition to your business life to supercharge your performance, advance your career, or build your company.

Sports give us the techniques we need to be winners and help to sharpen our focus. They teach us never to give up, and to meet adversity with determination and perseverance. Sports teach us that having a positive attitude is the first ingredient for victory. Additionally, in sports we sometimes experience magical moments in which we elevate our performance far beyond our own self-imposed limitations.

Just imagine: what if you regarded your business as a game? You might suddenly find your workday to be more fun. You might discover within yourself a fierce competitor who never gives up. You might find yourself on the podium with the gold medal draped around your neck for landing that big contract, getting that big promotion, or achieving a special professional goal.

If you don’t engage in sports already, you should, even if only for a leisurely game of bowling or golf. Not only are athletic activities enjoyable and good for your physical and mental health, they also help to ignite a competitive spirit that carries over naturally and seamlessly to your work life. The sports world may ultimately be a microcosm of the business world, especially for us women. Just like Danica Patrick, each of us is behind the wheel on the road to success, powered by hundreds of horsepower of determination. Get ready to stomp on that accelerator-the checkered flag is within sight. By leveraging the qualities that help us succeed in sports, women may also speed toward the finish line and claim the first prize in business!

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