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This resource was recommended to me by Chad Renfroe and is fantastic on how to really use Linkedin.  We also used Linked – In for networking but I found after reading this book there were many functions I was not using that could really help my presence on their website.

The authors Jan Vermeiren and Bert Verdonck have just released the second edition of this book and you can download it for FREE using the site below:

Below is a listing of what is covered in each chapter – this is a fast read – went through in a hour and had some great ideas to fix my profile and tools to use I did not know about.

Chapter 1: What is the Value of Networking?
Chapter 2: The Benefits of LinkedIn
Chapter 3: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn: a 5 Step Basic Strategy
Chapter 4: How to Craft an Attractive Profile
Chapter 5: The Fast Way to Build Your Network.
Chapter 6: The Heart of LinkedIn: Groups
Chapter 7: 10 Strategies to Find People Using LinkedIn
Chapter 8: Communicate With Your LinkedIn Network: Inbox & Contacts
Chapter 9: Lead Generation Tools & Visibility Boosters: Applications
Chapter 10: Personal Branding, Raising Your Visibility and Credibility on LinkedIn
Chapter 11: The Power of Combining Online and Offline Networking: Events
Chapter 12: The Heroes of LinkedIn: Group Managers
Chapter 13: Keep Control: Home Page & Settings
Chapter 14: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Customers
Chapter 15: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find a New Job
Chapter 16: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Find New Employees
Chapter 17: How Organizations Can Benefit from LinkedIn (versus Individuals)
Chapter 18: More Insights: News & Labs
Chapter 19: Answers to Hot Discussion Topics and Burning Questions
Chapter 20: Little Known, But Interesting Features and Behavior of LinkedIn
Chapter 21: Tools to Save You Time When Working with LinkedIn
Appendix A: Other Online Business Networks
Appendix B: Practical Tools

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