Accounting Advocate for Individuals and Businesses


A Different Kind of Accounting

While traditional accounting might maintain your status quo, it can’t hit moving targets like tactical planning, challenges and changes. That’s why Tummarello & Associates adds accounting innovation to basic accounting services. Our dynamic approach reads into your financials, identifies your goals, and develops powerful strategies for your success. With this insight, we become a motivating partner that supercharges your business.

“Tummarello & Associates isn’t about just reconciliations, payroll and taxes. Those are great services, but our real passion is helping clients get to the next level with our monthly talks.” – Rose

Key Communication

When Tummarello & Associates conducts monthly talks, we are looking at where we can improve your profit margins, where we can save money, what we can do to prepare ourselves tax-wise, and how we can be smarter. Monthly talks lead to quarterly strategy meetings, where we discuss your vision and whether you are meeting your goals. If you’re not realizing your vision, we investigate why and develop plans on how to change that.

Unique Service Examples:

  • Evaluation & Overhaul: When financial aspects of your business are failing, Tummarello & Associates can perform an in-depth evaluation of your accounting systems. Based on our findings, we can revamp your accounting department, teach your people how to improve, and implement recommendations that optimize your entire business’s financial performance.
  • Weekly Flash Reports: Many business owners are juggling so many different responsibilities that
    financials fall by the wayside. Tummarello & Associates’ Weekly Flash Reports condense critical finan-
    cial information into a brief format that you can read and understand in five minutes. The ultimate in
    efficiency, Flash Reports provide critical financial insight without taking valuable time from multitasking
    business owners.
“The bottom line is we’re here to streamline your operations, improve your efficiency, and put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.” – Rose