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Staying Green

We thank all our clients who have used our secure portal to send tax documents and important information to us. This is a more secure way of sending confidential information rather than through email.

In 2012 we will continue to use this method of receiving tax information. We will create subfolders for you labeled 2011 Tax Return on our secure portal so that you can use this directory to upload your tax information. You will be receiving an email shortly on this new directory so that you know it has been created.

Most tax documents are available via websites. For those tax documents not available via websites, the other option is to scan the hard copy you receive in the mail and save in a PDF format. We will continue to receive faxes of tax documents.

In keeping with Going Green, we will not mail hardcopies of tax returns for the 2011 tax season unless requested. In addition, you will no longer receive a paper invoice. A copy of your tax return will be uploaded in a PDF to your directory on our secure portal. An email will be sent to you confirming the return has been uploaded there for your records with a copy of your invoice. You will then be able to download it and save to your local hard drive.

Thank you for working with us in our initiative of continuing to Go Green for 2012.

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