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Women in Business Nurture Success
by Rose Tummarello

We’ve all seen the news stories: a mother dog whose puppies have grown finds an abandoned kitten and promptly adopts it. The dog nurses the kitten, protects it, and lavishes it with love (and big, sloppy dog kisses) as if it were one of its own. In other stories, a female cat adopts a lost puppy. I even once heard a report of a female leopard who adopted a baby baboon!

Across all species, females have a special nurturing instinct. When we see someone in need, this instinct kicks in powerfully, especially when we have the ability to help. For women in business and finance, this nurturing instinct takes on great significance for clients. At a woman’s very core are natural qualities that make for outstanding business consultants.

Clients Are Like Lost Puppies

When we see a financially confused client wandering aimlessly like a lost and desperate puppy, all those female nurturing instincts kick in. Forgive the ongoing animal kingdom analogy, but we take clients “under our wing” and start “nesting.” We organize, clean, and prepare the clients’ finances. We even begin building a “nest egg.” As a mother with her children, we equip our clients for life ahead, teaching them responsibility and good financial values.

Even if our clients eventually leave the nest and venture out on their own, our ears remain pricked up. If we hear the faintest peep (or yelp, or meow, for you dog and cat lovers), we are always ready to come running to protect our clients, care for them, and steer them back on track.

For female consultants, these patterns come naturally. In truth, they are programmed into us! Like proud mothers, women in business and finance feel partial responsibility for their clients’ success. The gratification of raising clients as they grow into prosperity is a key reason why many women enter this type of consulting.

Making Their Advisers Proud

Female business advisers often make clients part of their families. When a nurturing consultant-to-client bond is in place, clients actively improve themselves, responding instinctively to the nurturing consulting style by trying to make their adviser proud. They not only get good advice, but they seem to work harder to implement it.

The next time you hear a news story about adoption between different species, remember that this behavior is not an aberration. Female nurturing instincts are universal. In both our family and professional lives, those whom we care for absorb the qualities we impart to them. In business and finance especially, we women have the ability to change our clients’ lives for the better by doing what comes naturally: nurturing.

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