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Wellness for Workers a Success!

Tummarello & Associates welcomed the new year with their clients hosting a Wellness Seminar on January 19th. Rose is passionate about the many ways that do not require a lot of time or money to take care of yourself and reap the benefits of being a calm, well balanced individual with lots of energy.

The seminar required all participants to come dressed in clothes that they would wear to the gym. Participants were given a yoga mat with pillows and bolster and sat on the floor.

Rose and Jim McTighe welcomed guests and discussed January being a great time to come up with ways to make time for taking care of yourself. Rose discussed what was being presented that evening were some of her secrets for wellness: Revolution in Motion, Acupuncture and Yoga.

Jimmy McNamee and Al Schwarz provided a demonstration on a new way to get fit in your bare feet called Revolution in Motion. Here Jimmy is explaining the benefits of using a medicine ball to open the chest and shoulders which is where a lot of people hold tension.

Dr. Phil Cilio explained how acupuncture started and actually did acupuncture on Rose showing how the small needles would be inserted on her face and in her head.

Jane McQueen, certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist lead the group in a wonderful yoga session. When we had a period of relaxation we heard snoring in the room (just couldn’t figure out who it was!).

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